Tuition & Fees


The Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics seeks to provide high quality of education at reasonable prices. Tuition fee covers the cost of your study at the University as well as charges for programme registration, tuition, supervision, examinations and graduation.


Tuition fee varies depending on the study programme type and course language. We offer the following Russian and English-medium programmes for foreign students:


Study programme type & course language Duration of study Tuition fee per year in USD
Foundation year in Russian:
a course for entering into the University Russian-medium programmes. Subjects: Russian, Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

10 months


Foundation year in English:
a course for entering the University English-medium programmes. Subjects: Russian, Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

10 months

from 4000

Full-time 1st degree programmes in Russian offered by:
  • Faculty of Computer-Aided Design
  • Faculty of Information Technologies and Control
  • Faculty of Radioengineering and Electronics
  • Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks
  • Faculty of Infocommunication
  • Faculty of Engineering and Economics

4 years

from 3000 to 3300


on the faculty

Full-time 1st degree programmes in English in:
  • Infocommunication Technologies (Infocommunication Networks)
  • Information Security in Telecommunications
  • Automated Data Processing Systems
  • Engineering-Psychological Maintenance of Information Technologies

4 years


Part-time and distance 1st degree programmes in Russian

4 to 5 years


Distance 1st degree programmes in English in:
  • Programmable Mobile Systems
  • Information Systems and Technologies for Business Management

5 years


Full- and part-time Master degree programmes in Russian

2 years

from  3300

Full- and part-time Master degree programmes in English in:
  • Methods and Systems of Information Protection,
    Information Security
  • Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials in Electronics
  • Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks
  • Systems Analysis, Management and Information Processing

2 years

from  4300

PhD Candidacy training
for the purpose of taking PhD Qualifying Examinations

up to

2 years

from 2000

PhD degree programmes
training and carrying out of research work

3 years

from 5000

Internships/Professional Development courses in ICT, Infocommunication and Information Security in Russian and English

7 days –

3 months


Certification centres:
  • National Instruments Educational Centre
  • IBM Centre of Competency
  • Cisco Networking Academy Affiliate
  • SAP Academic Competence Centre
  • Android Software Centre
  • INTES Educational Centre
  • CUDA Educational Centre
  • BSUIR-Huawei Engineering and Educational Centre
  • BSUIR-Prestigio Research and Educational Centre

min. 1 month



In addition to tuition fees foreign students bear the following expenses related to the temporary stay in Belarus:

- Accommodation (the University dormitory): ~36 USD per month

- Compulsory primary medical examination in the Minsk Student Clinic No. 33 (~100 USD)

- Annual medical examination (during the next years of study) (100 USD)

- Medical examination to be undergone within 10 days after every return to Belarus from abroad (~100 USD)

- Compulsory health insurance for medical aid in insurable events (170 EUR per year)

- Passport registration at the Minsk Migration and Citizenship Body: ~50 USD per year

- Living costs: 300+ USD per month


You may choose out of two options to pay the tuition fees:


1. in cash

Tuition fees may be paid at Belarusbank against the bill, which is issued upon personal request by the International Students Office. The payment shall be made in the national currency (BYN, Belarusian Ruble)


2. via bank transfer

Tuition fees may be paid in USD via bank transfer from abroad against the following bank account:


Payment to:

Belarusian State University  of Informatics and Radioelectronics

University address:  P.Brovki street 6, Minsk, 220013, Belarus

Tel. +375 17 2938573

Fax: +375 17 2932333



Current account

No. BY84AKBB36329182820855500000 (USD)


Recipient Bank:

Joint-Stock Savings Bank “Belarusbank”

Branch No. 529 “Belsviaz”

Bank Address: Nezavisimosti Avenue 56, Minsk, Belarus

S.W.I.F.T.-code AKBB BY 21529

Bank Code: MFO 153001795 (Code 795)

Payer’s Identification Number: UNN 100363945, OKPO 02071889


Correspondent Bank:

via account No. 36316365

at Citybank N.A., New York

S.W.I.F.T.-code CITIUS33


Payment description:

Tuition of [student’s full name] for [period of study]