Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope our website has given you answers to most of the questions you might ask about studying at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, but we have also compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions in case we have forgotten something you need to know. Can't find what you're looking for? The International Students Office is always ready to provide you with necessary assistance or help.

How many foreign students are studying in BSUIR?

There are over 600 citizens from 30 countries of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, EU and CIS studying at over 40 study programmes in IT, telecommunications, nano electronics, software engineering, digital economy, etc..


  • Do I need IELTS or TOEFL or any other English language certificate to apply for English-medium programmes?

    No, it isn’t; international students are admitted to BSUIR on the basis of the admission interview results. The admission interview aims at revealing the applicant’s level of the basic education and language skills. In case of applying to English-medium programmes you will have to undergo an admission interview on the English language.

    What level of education is required to enter BSUIR?

    According to the higher education system, the following level of education is required for admission to BSUIR:
    - general school or basic education corresponding to the level of general secondary education in Belarus, to apply for a first degree course
    - Bachelor of Science degree to apply for one of the University's Master programmes
    - Bachelor & Master of Science degree to apply for a Ph.D. programme
    Find more useful information about entry requirements & application procedure at How to Apply

    Are foreign citizens provided with on-campus housing?

    All foreign students coming to study at BSUIR are comfortably accommodated in one of four University dormitories. More about Housing

    How should tuition fees be paid?

    Tuition fees should be paid in USD, RUB, CNY or BYN as a lump sum per annum or per term. You may choose out of two payment options:
    1. by cash
    Tuition fees may be paid at Belinvest bank against the bill, which is issued upon personal request by the International Students Office. The payment shall be made in the national currency (BYN)
    2. by bank transfer
    Tuition fees may be paid in USD, RUB and CNY by a bank transfer from abroad.
    More about Tuition & Fees

    What are foreign students doing in their spare time?

    Foreign students are actively involved in the university’s sports and cultural life, festivals, contests, concerts, guided tours and sports competitions. More about students’ extra-curricular activity in Life@BSUIR.

    May I be registered at the University Dormitory but live at a rented apartment?

    No! According to the article 41 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Apartheids in the Republic of Belarus" foreigners shall be living only at the address, at which they have been registered.

    What shall I do, when the registration expires?

    20 days before your registration expires, you shall visit the International Office, and apply for the extension of your registration.

    What shall I do, when the passport validity expires?

    Six months before your passport expires, you shall visit the Embassy of your home country to extend or change your passport, and report to the International Office.

    How do I go home for vacations?

    To go home for vacations, you need to obtain a entry-exit visa. To do this, you shall apply to the International Office not later than two weeks before you leave. In urgent cases you may apply for an urgent visa, which can be issued within 1-5 days. Leaving Belarus for vacations, you shall necessarily have your medical insurance with you, to present it at the airport when entering Belarus again

    What shall I do, if I fell ill?

    visit the Minsk Student Clinic No. 33,
    call a doctor - tel.: +375 17 359 49 79.
    call an emergency (tel. 103) and make use of your health insurance in case of a sudden illness or injury (to receive medical aid in an insured event).

    Is the health survey (medical screening) in the Minsk Student Clinic No. 33 obligatory?

    Yes, each health survey is obligatory:
    - primary - upon arrival in Belarus;
    - annual;
    - additional screening within 10 days, after each return to Belarus from abroad.

    Whom shall I address to regarding my study problems?

    Regarding all issues related to your study, please address to your Dean’s office, Dean personally, or Deputy Dean responsible for international students’ tuition.