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BSUIR programmes leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctror of Sciences (D.Sc.) degrees are the right choice for those who dream to become genuine scientists with an internationally recognized degree and unique research expertise. The University programmes are individually-tailored and designed so as to provide the students with in-depth knowledge in the focus subject area, as well as to help them master the technique of conducting research activities & acquire skills necessary for creative research, data synthesis and analysis, and successful PhD or D.Sc. thesis writing & defense.


The University boasts PhD degree programmes in three main subject areas: Physics & Mathematics, Engineering, and Economics. Almost all of these programmes are interdisciplinary. Teaching & research processes are supported by internationally acknowledged scientists, full & corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, members of IEEE & foreign academies of science, full Doctors of Science & PhDs.

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BSUIR PhD graduates are awarded with the following certificates & degrees:
‒ Researchers Diploma upon successful final attestation (thesis pre-examination);
‒ Belarusian Candidate of Science degree (Kandidat Nauk) and internationally recognized Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree after public thesis defense.

Belarusian System of Higher Education

PhD degree programmes duration:

3 years - for holders of Master of Sciences degree and passed PhD Candidacy Examinations;

4+ years - for holders of Master of Sciences degree who have not taken PhD Candidacy Examinations (1 to 2 years of individual consultations and training in the PhD Candidacy programme for the purpose of preparation for and passing of PhD Candidacy Examinations + 3 years of full-time PhD degree programme)

By studying in BSUIR, you can receive a high quality education in a friendly and welcoming environment for a reasonable cost. The Universitys tuition fees are not so high as in other engineering universities in the neighboring countries and vary depending on the study programme type and language of instruction. More information at Tuition Fees & Costs and Majors & Degrees .


BSUIR postdoctoral degree programmes are individually tailored so as to provide unique opportunities to perform innovative, fundamental or applied research in the cutting-edge research fields. Postdocs design and conduct their research under the guidance of Belarusian leading scientists and academic advisors where appropriate.

Research activities are conducted in tight collaboration with other Belarusian Universities and research organizations, research institutes of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences and foreign academies of sciences. Research projects gain funding from R&D contracts with the largest national and international enterprises & institutions, international research foundations, and from the national budget in the framework of the National R&D Programmes.

Our postdocs have the chance to present their research results at major national and international scientific conferences organized both n Belarus and abroad, as well as to publish their research works in leading peer-reviewed journals.

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! Note for international students:
Foreign citizens need to prove that their Master of Science degree is equivalent to the respective degree in the Belarusian system of higher education to apply for one of the University's PhD programmes. How to Obtain a Certificate of Equivalence?

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