Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

Certification and Educational Centres

Regional Academic Centre SAP

Founded with the support of Itransition Co.

SAP AG is a world leader among software suppliers for complex management of enterprises and organizations.

The centre deals mainly with the certification of students and teachers, training and retraining of specialists in SAP for Belarusian enterprises; development of training courses and preparation of work books on SAP solutions; organization of seminars, workshops and conferences, international cooperation; joint activities with centres and HEIs, which are members of the University alliance.

What it has to offer:

Academic Centre of Competence in IBM Technologies

Founded by a group of companies - IBA GROUP.

The centre provides training in modern IBM technologies in the field of software development on the base of IBM Rational Software, IBM WebSphere, DB2, UDB platforms; creates and implements new courses and materials with the help of IBM technologies; fosters partner relations of the university, and carries out joint scientific research.

What it has to offer:

Net Academy CISCO

Cisco Systems Inc. - is an American transnational company, which develops and sells network equipment. It is a world leader in the field of net technologies designed for Internet. The Academy provides training of specialists in theoretic and practical design, engineering and exploitation of local and global nets with the use of acknowledged standards; fosters the spreading of quality education in IT and information security; provides training in fundamental concepts of net technologies; organizes seminars, training classes and conferences.

What it has to offer:

Academic Centre of National Instruments Co

National Instruments Co is the leading company to develop and produce programmable hardware for automation, measurement, diagnostics, control and modeling of a wide range of applications.

The centre provides retraining and training in programming in LabVIEW medium; working with hardware in accordance with the officially authorized curricula and courses of National Instruments; fosters international cooperation and partner relations of the university; participates in joint activities with academic centres, which take part in academic initiatives of National Instruments.

What it has to offer:

Academic Centre CUDA

Created with the support of EPAM Systems.

The CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) technology is a software-hardware architecture of parallel calculations developed and supported by NVIDIA Co.

First level students and Master students have an opportunity to get acquainted with methods and means of general purpose algorithms development intended for executing at GPU.

What it has to offer:

International Academic and Research Centre "Android Software Centre"

Founded in cooperation with FORTE Knowledge Co (USA) of Illinois Technological Association (ITA).

Android Software Centre primarily concentrates on the implementation of joint Belarusian-American IT projects as well as on rendering academic services in IT, in particular, in software development for mobile apps including those based on Android, iOS and Converse. The centre organizes conferences, symposia and classes, conducts scientific research in the field of mobile apps engineering and provides retraining of specialists. The ITA leading specialists will continue to provide the majority of classes via videoconferencing.

Address: P.Brovka str., 6, room 405
Phone: +375 29 367 74 60

Academic-Scientific Research Centre "INTES"

The centre was created with the help of its official partners, such as: Schneider Electric (Automation and Control), France; ISS (Intelligent Security Systems (Intellectual Security Systems), Russia; ISD (Information System Design), Russia, PERCo (Production of Security Systems and Equipment), Russia; RVi (Production of Video Surveillance Equipment), Russia; CISCO, USA and the Belarusian Innovation Company Intellectual Technologies and Systems ltd (INTES).

The centre provides training and rendering of academic services; performs research and experimental and design work, develops software for traffic control systems, integrated security systems and complex control systems.

Address: P. Brovka str., 6, room 408
Phone: +375 29 367 74 60