Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

Regional Partnerships

Teamwork makes the dream work

- Bang!Gae, musician


Our University strives to engage with the region, its institutions, businesses and people so as to contribute to the life of the society.


BSUIR manages the activity of the Belarusian Academic Association of Universities (AAU) in Computer Science and Radioelectronics, an advisory public body responsible for:

  • development of state education standards for academic majors in the related fields;
  • development, expert evaluation, approval and implementation of standard curricula;
  • promotion of Belarusian higher education integration into the global learning environment.

In 2014, two institutions, Institute of Information Technologies (IIT) within our University, and Minsk State Higher Radioengineering College (MSHRC) have established a comprehensive, strategic co-operation in teaching. Short-term 1st degree programmes (IIT) were integrated with secondary education ones (MSHRC).


BSUIR maintains strong partnership relations with the top Belarusian manufacturers of computer equipment, control systems and software, electronics. During the last decade cooperation resulted in the establishment of joint educational and research laboratories, certified centers and academic departments branches on production spots. This enables the university to provide highly-qualified practice-oriented training services.


Under the auspices of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union functions a University's Work Office, created to open up an opportunity to earn extra money on vacations. Students are engaged in community service, mainly at construction places, children's homes, board and care facilities, refuges. Volunteers assist students-to-be both in bread & butter issues and psychological matters.