Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics


On behalf of all the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics faculty, staff and students, the Admissions Office would like to extend a warm welcome to all shortlisted applicants willing to start their successful career with BSUIR. We are looking forward to you as part of BSUIR family. This page is designed to give you some helpful information about the next steps you shall take to be enrolled for studies at our University.

Admission 2024

Application deadlines

Foundation Year all year round
1st Degree & Masters October 1-st, 2024
PhD & Postdoc all year round

Next admission interview dates

From August, 25-th till October, 15-th


More information can be found in the University's official 30-page illustrated guide for prospective international students. It provides a deep insight into:
  • Why choose BSUIR?
  • FAQ for international students
  • Financial conditions
  • Full list of first degree, Masters & PhD programmes by faculties and majors
  • Information on Foundation Year
  • Studying in English
  • Application procedures, documents & entry requirements
  • Where is Belarus & how to get here
  • Must-Do's upon arrival
Download   BSUIR Handbook for Applicants
Coming for study

1. Having applied for studies in our University shortlisted applicants shall obtain a visa letter from the Admissions Office (applicable to countries which require a visa) and a letter of invitation for study in BSUIR indicating the arrival conditions.

The invitation letter shall be submitted to a Belarusian Embassy or Consulate Department to get the Belarusian Study Visa. Please use the following links to find more information about visa procedure:

Diplomatic Representations of the Republic of Belarus abroad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus: procedure for obtaining visas to enter the Republic of Belarus

Foreigners entering from the countries with no Belarusian diplomatic missions can obtain a visa at the Minsk National Airport upon arrival.

Please note that foreigners arriving from Moscow cannot obtain a visa at the Minsk airport. Please use other routes.
Large airlines which offer flights to Minsk: Lufthansa (Germany), Austrian Airlines, Lot (Poland), El Al (Israel), Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)

2. In conformity with the Rules of Stay for Foreign Nationals you may be asked to disclose currency of at least 3 000 USD at passport control.

3. Please inform the Admissions Office ( about your arrival date in advance to have accommodation booked.

4. The university does not provide an airport pick-up and transfer to the student dormitories.

Upon arriving to Belarus

1. Please submit the following documents to the BSUIR Admissions Office:
- Enrollment application
- Educational certificates stating all studied subjects and corresponding marks (in original)
- Medical certificate (in original)
- AIDS test certificate (in original)
- Birth certificate (a copy)
- National passport with the Belarusian Study Visa
- 10 photos, sized 3 x 4 cm.
- Russian and/or English language certificate (if any)
- Certificate of Equivalence of the Bachelor and/or Master degree to the respective degrees in the Belarusian system of higher education (required for those enrolling for a Master or Ph.D. degree programme).

All documents shall be provided with a legalized translation into Russian/Belarusian
that may be made at one of the multiple translation agencies in Minsk.

2. Undergo an admission interview

3. Conclude a contract for study in BSUIR and pay your tuition fee

4. Undergo medical screening in the Minsk Student Clinic No. 33

5. Check in the student dormitory and pay your accommodation fee

6. Obtain a compulsory health insurance at the Admissions Office (on its basis international students receive medical aid in insured events)

7. Acquire a registration in the Minsk Migration and Citizenship Body

Please note that all expenses related to the sojournment in the Republic of Belarus (including tuition fee, administrative and medical expenses) are covered by international students at their own cost: More about Tuition & Fees

Admission interview procedure

Foreign citizens and apartheids temporarily residing in a foreign country, not having Belarusian secondary or higher education or Foundation Year certificates, are admitted to BSUIR on the basis of the admission interview results. The admission interview aims at revealing the applicants level of the basic education and language skills (Russian or English, depending on the instruction language of the chosen programme).

The examination committee is formed by the Rector's decree and is in charge of the admission interview. The interview committee consists of the language teachers and is headed by the executive secretary of the Admissions Office.

Please note that neither a IELTS nor a TOEFL certificate is required to enter English-medium programmes.

Interviewing applicants for a first degree course

Foreign citizens applying for a first degree course shall pass an interview in the language of instruction of the chosen study programme (i.e. pass an interview in Russian when applying for a Russian-medium programme or in English when applying for an English-medium programme)

Interviewing applicants for a Master degree course
Foreign citizens applying for a Master degree course shall pass an interview in the language of instruction and in the subject area.

Interviewing applicants for a PhD degree course
Foreign citizens applying for a PhD degree course shall provide a Certificate on PhD Candidacy Examinations and undergo an admission interview with your would-be scientific supervisor in the chosen subject area.

The interview results are recorded in the interview sheets, which are be signed by the committee members and are kept in the international students' personal files. All petitions lodged by foreign citizens on the interview day will be duly investigated.

The BSUIR Admissions Office will make decision on the applicant's admission following the interview results. Those having received 0 to 3 points out of maximum 10 points will not be admitted to the University degree course, but may apply for a Foundation Year course.

How to obtain a Certificate of Equivalence?

In Belarus foreign educational documents are recognized by the Foreign Credentials Assessment Department, the National Institute for Higher Education:
Location: offices 120, Moskovskaya street, 15, Minsk
Tel.: +375 17 2281313
Reception hours: Mondays & Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Lunch from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Steps to be taken to apply for Certificate of Equivalence:
1. Make a copy of your passport and its notarized translation into Russian;
2. Fill in the application form (to be taken at the Admissions Office);
3. Certify educational documents (the original and one copy):
- in the Embassy of your home country;
- in the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (K.Marksa str., 37a);
4. Make a notarized translation into Russian of your educational documents;
5. Pay assessment fee, keep the bank receipt
6. Make two photos (sized 3x4 cm);
7. Take all the documents obtained during the steps 1 to 6 and apply for your documents assessment at the Foreign Credentials Assessment Department, the National Institute for Higher Education.