BSUIR R&D Schools

BSUIR R&D Schools

Quality of Software Tools
Viacheslav Bakhtizin

Complex Semiconductor Compounds and Solid Solutions Based on these Compounds: Derivatization, Properties, and Application
Ivan Bodnar

Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Nanoscale Structures
Victor Borisenko

Semantic Intellectual Information Technologies
Vladimir Golenkov

Programme-Controlled Synthesis of Micro- and Nanoheterogenic Multifunctional Layer Structures Using Radiation Electrical and Physical Methods
Anatoly Dostanko

Precision Coordinate Systems for Electronic Equipment Production
Svyatoslav Karpovich

Coding and Digital Information Processing
Valery Konopelko

Theory, Modeling and Optimization of Non-Linear Electromagnetic Processes in Application to Tasks of Electronics and SHF Electrodynamics
Aleksandr Kuraev

Micro- and Nanoelectronics
Vladimir Labunov

Materials, Elements and Tools of Electronic Engineering
Leonid Lynkov

Non-Linear Phenomena in Receiver-Amplifier Equipment
Igor Malevich

Radio Engineering Devices and Systems of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Length
Valentin Muravyov

Real-Time Systems
Aleksandr Petrovsky

Digital Signal and Images Processing, Image Recognition, System Identification, Parallel Architecture for Signal and Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence Systems
Rauf Sadykhov (21.10.1944 - 15.03.2015)

Aluminum Oxide Technologies of Microelectronic Devices
Vitaly Sokol

Statistical Theory and Technology of Signal Generation, Receipt and Processing in Radioengineering Systems
Valery Cherdyntsev (21.08.1936 - 23.01.2016)