BSUIR library provides support of educational process and scientific research at the University and seeks to use as many state-of-the-art information technologies as possible to provide high-quality services to the University staff and students


We work with the leading libraries of the our country: the National Library of Belarus, the Republican Library for Science and Technology, Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Our resources:


Head of BSUIR's Library

Anna Fedotova



Location of the Library’s Departments:

Building No. 2, P.Brovki Str., 4


Administration, room 107(


Reference and Bibliographic Service Department,

Room 109 (


Reading Room for Researches, Room 106



Periodicals Reading Room, Room 102

Circulation, Room 104 (


Reading Room for Students, Room (

Building No. 3, P.Brovki Str., 10


Reading Room for Students (


Building No. 4, Gikalo Str., 9


Reading Room for Students, Room 107 (


Circulation, Room 103 (


Fiction Circulation, Room 111а (


Book Crossing, Room 111а (


Building No. 8, Kozlov str., 10


Reading Room for Students, Room 310 (