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Clubs and Organizations

Finding your place in life, choosing your own unique way, and achieving success is impossible without communication skills and culture. A qualified professional is not only a person with proper education, but also with an ability to communicate, work in a team effectively, implement delegated powers and assume responsibility. Those, who take part in student unions and NGOs, have a chance to demonstrate and develop these skills most effectively.


Clubs and Organizations by Category:

Professional & Academic Clubs

  • IT-Team is a team of about fifteen volunteers, providing free IT service, such as computer setup and maintenance or network setup to elderly people, inexperienced users, public and private organizations. BSUIR IT-Team works for mutual benefit: by helping others, the volunteers can hone their skills and put their knowledge into practice. In 2013, Central Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union awarded our IT-Team with a prize in the nomination ‘Minsk’s Best Service Group’.
  • The University’s Student Employment Office, created within the framework of the State Youth Policy and under the auspices of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, is a good way to raise your competitiveness and to earn extra money on vacations. Students are engaged in both in qualified and unqualified work, mainly at construction places, children's homes, board and care facilities, refuges. Volunteers assist students-to-be both in bread & butter issues and psychological matters.

    office 313
    BSUIR Building No.2
    tel. +375 17 293-23-29
  • A special feature of the university information space is its own Youth TV. It was created in 2001 as Student Television and was rebranded into Youth TV in 2013. Youth TV is a part of the BSUIR Press Office Video Studio.

    A team of the university newspersons, videographers and cutters under the supervision of the BSUIR Press Office creates videos and films about the university life, info spots, makes video recordings of the concerts, competitions and festivals held inside and outside the university. Youth TV journalists create copyright television projects, shoot videos and clips. Youth TV video clips took part in professional competitions many times.

    Youth TV has its own channel on Youtube. Also Youth TV is represented in, and The broadcasting of the video content is carried out via the internal information multimedia network with the video transmission system into the niversity buildings. The access to the video and photo archives is available in the local computer network.

    Youth TV is:

    - News releases and video stories

    - Thematic broadcasting and creative projects

    - Social-oriented videos and clips

    - Broadcasting in the internal information network

    - Photo, video and multimedia support of the university events.


    office 501
    BSUIR Building No.2
    tel. +375 17 293-23-29
  • School for Journalists is a project where each person can try him-/herself in journalism, photo and video art, interviewing and reporting. Various lectures and workshops are provided for listeners to get basic skills in writing journalistic materials. Practical classes are held after each workshop that allows students to put their knowledge into practice. The tasks include newswriting, interviews, photo- and video materials, etc. The most valuable fact is cooperation and dealing with professional journalists who share experience and make them study specific details and journalistic tricks.
  • It is an open secret that performance in public is always connected with a certain stressful situation even for those, who do it regularly. But public is not only in concert halls, and speakers are not always artists. Someone has to be a speaker for the employees, someone should announce the project to the sponsors, or someone wants to inspire the company to have some leisure-time. Whatever the situation is, there is always a risk. Today it is impossible to imagine a successful person without being a brilliant speaker, confident in his actions and without ability to solve unforeseen situations immediately.

    Classes in our project are aimed to develop physical and psychological skills of people who would like to behave freely on the stage. Do not treat the project one-sided – from an actors’ point of view. Confidence at the interview, clear and competent speech during a presentation or defense of a course project, ability to create atmosphere for your listeners will only benefit to you.
    Project supervisor:

    Maks Rogov
    Tel. +375 29 260-07-34
  • Level Up! – it is a help service to freshmen from senior students. Senior students help to improve programming skills by using easy language and examples. It is difficult for some students to get accustomed to classes. It’s so new for them. Thus, if you have something to ask, address it to lecturer at the end of the lecture. But there are some cases when everything is incomprehensible. It is possible to solve any problems by making some efforts. And one of the ways to do it is to attend Level Up! and work hard.

    WHAT will you learn?

    Well, now these are three programming languages: C#, C and Delphi. We give more than just university curriculum.

    WHO are these courses FOR?

    For everybody, not only for first-year students. We offer 2-3 levels of complexity depending on number of listeners. Therefore, those who want to start to study the programming languages or to improve their skills are welcome.
    Project supervisor:


Sports Clubs

  • BSUIR Sports Club provides the opportunity to do sports to those, who study and work at the University:

    • table tennis club
    • football, futsal, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, other sports clubs for men and women
    • swimming, etc.

    office 412,
    BSUIR Building No.2
    Sports Club (link only in Russian)


Creative & Performing Arts

  • BSUIR students have an opportunity to fulfil their potential in creativity activities by becoming a part of our friendly art clubs. BSUIR art clubs are permanent members of the city and national festive events. They are favourite guests at international festivals and competitions. Many bands and soloists are awarded with national and international diplomas and certificates, i.e. the Folk Brass Orchestra and the Folk songs ensemble Gamanіna are holding the honoured title of a ‘National Amateur Band’.

    office 210,
    BSUIR Building No.2
    • Folk Brass Orchestra
    • Folk songs ensemble Gamanіna
    • Dance theatre Otrazheniya
    • Dance group Diva
    • Vocal studio Shans
    • Media hosts studio Glamur
    • Poetic theatre Ritmy Serdca
    • Vocal Ensemble of the Military Faculty Shkola Muzhestva
    • Symphonic show ensemble Kamerans
    • STEM BBK
    • Magic Group


Student Governance

  • BSUIR Student Council is a student self-governing board, which engages students in education and learning, promotes creativity, healthy lifestyles, organizes cultural life and leisure, and active implements state youth programmes. It is aimed at involving more students in all university activities, training high-qualified and competitive specialists, unleashing their creative potential, and promoting personal and professional growth.

    The Council promotes and provides:

     - development of leadership qualities, creativity and organizational skills of youth; 

    - implementation of student projects and initiatives; 

    - organizational and information support of students; 

    - civic-mindedness and political culture of students; 

    - healthy lifestyle; 

    - social and legal protection of students.


    Our main areas of activity are: 

    - Educational and methodological support; 

    - Scientific research;

    - Society and legislation; 

    - Culture; 

    - Volunteering; 

    - Information dissemination.

    Join us if you are willing to participate in our events, bring to life your ideas about student self-government, culture, healthy lifestyle and the university in general!


    Chairman of BSUIR Student Council
  • BSUIR Students’ Trade Union Committee areas:

    • Defense of students’ rights and interests;
    • Assistance to improve financial and living conditions of students;
    • Clarification of current legislation of the Republic of Belarus towards students;
    • Monitoring students’ life in dormitories and building of cultural and domestic purpose, public catering, and medical service;
    • Health improvement;
    • Assistance in accommodation search;
    • Organization and making tours and sightseeing;
    • Organization of student moderators cooperation;
    • Organization of school Lider;
    • Volunteering activity;
    • Development of students’ mass media (publication of students’ paper Vedomostichka);
    • Social activity;
    • Participation in faculties’ accommodation committee;
    • Control of catering and food quality.

    Committee Head

    Tel. +37517 293-23-59


Leisure & Entertainment

  • The activities of the Voluntary Team Sozvezdie are focused on voluntary and free of charge help to people of different ages: both young children in kindergartens and eldery who are left alone due to the life circumstances and age. 

    Our projects: Vmeste, Dorogi, Pokoleniya, 1+1, Welcome! (brief project descriptions are available in our PPT presentation).

    Chairman of BSUIR Student Council
  • The University’s Youth Centre includes a billiard club, a student cafe Suzor’e, on-campus copy centers, dance clubs, game club KVN.

    Cafe Suzor’e

    The cafe may organize daily meals, banquets, parties, receptions

    Location: Yakuba Kolasa Street, 28

    Tel.: +375 17 2932364

    Open hours: 12.00-24.00

    Cuisine: Belarusian, Georgian

    Seating: up to 70 seats

    Music: Background, Georgian, International

    office 421
    BSUIR Building No.2
    tel.: +375 17 293-88-72


Public Organizations & Associations

  • Public association Belarusian Society of Physicists is an independent public association of scientists, specialists and students who work in the sphere of physics and allied sciences. It was established to support the development of physics, to create favorable conditions, to reveal creative possibilities of physicists, to defend professional and social interests of its members. Moreover, this association is focused on cooperation with foreign scientists and organizations.

    Citizens of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens and stateless persons can become its members. Nowadays it unites professionals from 30 scientific organizations and universities of various cities of Belarus.

    In 2003 a special workgroup Women in Physics was established in BSUIR. The aim was to unite women-physicists who work in the sphere of science and education in Belarus. With the support of the Belarusian Society of Physicists different conferences are held in Belarus and abroad. It has become a co-organizer of Physicist Congress of Belarus since 2005. This organization is a member of the European Society of Physicists and Eurasian Society of Physicists.

    Chief of Belarusian Society of Physicists in BSUIR
    Iya Tashlykova-Bushkevich
    PhD, Associate Professor
    Department of Physics, BSUIR
    Tel. + 37517 293 89 13
  • Belarusian Republican Youth Union was created on September 6, 2002. Any citizen of the Republic of Belarus or foreign citizen at the age of 14 to 31 can become the member of BRYU. The University’s Student Employment Office, created under the auspices of the Union, opens up an opportunity to earn extra money on vacations. Students are engaged in unqualified work, mainly at construction places, children's homes, board and care facilities.

    Every of us has own ideas, intentions and creative plans. We can fulfill it together. Every person should have opportunity to be heard, to discuss issues which he/she is interested in, to have the opportunity to solve problems and simply to be supported.

    BRYU Secretary General

    Tel. +375 17 293-23-29