The Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics regularly hosts prestigious international conferences in the fields of Microwave Technologies, Telecommunications, Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Medical Electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Information Security. Such University international conferences as OSTIS, Nanomeeting and ITS gather leading scientists from Russia, France, Singapore, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Belgium, the USA, Spain and many other countries.

The University welcomes Belarusian and foreign academic staff and researchers for participation in the scientific events to be held during this year:


Place and Time

Contact Information

International Scientific and Technical Conference "Open Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Systems (OSTIS)"

February 15-17 2018

Scientific Seminar "Historical Aspects of Political Theory"

February 27 2018

VIII International BSUIR Open Programming Championship

March-April 2018

International Specialised Conference "Problems of IT-Based Increase in Educational Process Effectiveness"

April 2018

The 54th Scientific and Technical Conference for BSUIR First-Level, Master and PhD Students

April 2018

International Scientific and Technical Conference "Big Data and Advanced Analytics"

May 2018

XV Belarusian-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference"Information Security Technology"

June 5 2018

International Scientific Conference"Information Technologies and Systems"

October 2018

Student Competition in IT Field"BIT-Cup 2018"

October-November 2018

International Scientific and Methodical Conference "Higher Technical Education: Problems and Ways of Development"

November 2018

XI International Scientific and Technical Conference "Facilities of Medical Electronics and Novel Medical Technologies - MedElectronics 2018"

December 2018

International Scientific and Technical Workshop "Telecommunications: Networks and Technologies, Algebraic Encoding and Data Safety"

constantly 2018