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Lecturer, Master of Science in pedagogical sciences

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Professional interests/researches

Computer graphics and web-design
Information and Communication Technologies in education


1991 - graduated from the Physical Faculty of MSPI (now BSPU, Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after M. Tank), specialty "Teacher of physics, computer science, computer technology")/
2002 - Training course "Information and Internet Technologies in Education", National Institute for Higher Education (NIHE).
2005 - 2012: Training course "Working with gifted children (informatics)" Minsk City Institute of Education Development., MGIRO
2012 - Training course "Computer technologies in the quality management system of educational institutions", National Institute for Higher Education (NIHE).
2014 - Training course, educational program "Organization of effective teaching in informatics at an advanced level and optional classes.", Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after M. Tank (IPKiP BSPU)
2015 - graduated from the magistracy of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of BSPU in the specialty 1-08 80 02 "Theory and methods of teaching and education (informatics)". The title of my research work is The formation a teachers competences in the field of using IT technologies in the course of professional updating.
2019 - Training course "Computer graphics in education", National Institute for Higher Education (NIHE).

Working career.

1994 - 2001: Physics and computer science teacher of School, Minsk.
2002 - 2006: Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of School № 79, Minsk.
2006 - 2011: Computer science teacher of School, Minsk.
2011 - 2017: Teacher of information technology IPKiP BSPU.
2017 - 2018: Teacher of computer science and information technology at the college, Minsk.
2018 - present: Lecturer of the Department of IKG BSUIR.

Taught academic subjects

1. Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics.
2. Engineering computer graphics.
3. Technologies for creating and processing two-dimensional images.
4. Vector Graphics Application Packages.

Main publications

The author of 5 publications.