Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics



Head of the Laboratories of the Department

Combines duties of a Lecturer, Master of Science in Engineering, Academic Secretary of the Department

Address: Minsk, P. Brovka Street, house 4, building 2, office 505

Phone: +375 17 293-88-82


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Professional interests/researches

Development of technologies for creating electronic micro-devices.
Development of training software and multimedia systems.


1981 - 1986: Higher education at Belarussian State Polytechnic Academy (Belarussian State Technological University) in the specialty "Machines and technologies of metal treatment under pressure".
2007 - "National Institution of Innovative Technologies of BNTU" on the program "AutoCAD".
2012 - "Institution of Informational Technologies of BSUIR" under the program "Computer graphics and WEB design".
2017 - "National Institution of Graduate School" under the program "E-learning Technologies".
2017 - 2018: Master's degree at BSUIR in the specialty "Engineering Geometry and Computer Graphics»

Working career.

1986 - 1988: an engineer-technologist at the Bureau for Design and Technology with trial production in Smolensk
1988 - 1992: a design engineer of the Bureau for Design and Technology with trial production of the State Agrarian and Industrial Complex of the BSSR.
1992 - 1997: a methodist of the External Degree Faculty of BSUIR.
1997 - 2002: a kindergarten teacher, Smolensk
2002 - 2003: a laboratory assistant with higher education at the Department of Engineering Computer Graphics of BSUIR
2003 - present time: the Head of Laboratories of the Department of Engineering Computer Graphics of BSUIR.

Taught academic subjects

1. Engineering computer graphics.