Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks

Dean: Valery Prytkov

Ph.D., Associate Professor
Address: Gikalo Str. 9, Minsk Belarus
Phone: +375 17 293-86-63
E-mail: prytkov@bsuir.by

History of the faculty starts with the Faculty of Automatics and Calculating Machines, founded in 1964. The first group of 26 students graduated from the Faculty, speciality "Mathematical and Computing Devices and Facilities" in December 1964. In 1980 the Faculty was reformed into the Faculty of Computer Engineering, which in 1995 was renamed into the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks. During recent five years the Faculty has graduated over 2000 students, which are highly sought after by IT employers.

Today, the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks is one of the leading Belarusian faculties training IT specialists. According to the 2010 opinion poll among Belarusian Hi-Tech Park resident companies, the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks was announced the most popular University Faculty, whose graduates are most sought after by the Hi-Tech Park companies.

The faculty comprises 7 academic Departments:
- Computer Science,
- Electronic Computing Machines,
- Electronic Computing Facilities,
- Higher Mathematics,
- Philosophy,
- Physics,
- Software for Information Technologies.

Today it is the biggest Faculty of BSUIR, whose student body is over 1900. 220 lecturers, including 10 Professors, Doctors of Science and 84 Ph.D. and Associate Professors, are a part of the Faculty staff, Among them there are such outstanding people as Prof. Dr.Sc. Rauf Sadykhov, State Prize winner, Head of Electronic Computing Machines Department, Prof. Dr.Sc. Leonid Minchenko.

The faculty offers 4 modern first degree programmes in IT:
- Computing Machines, Systems and Networks
- Computer Science and Software Engineering
- Information Technologies Software
- Electronic Computing Devices

Depending on the study programme chosen at the Faculty graduates gain the qualifications of Programmer and Engineer, System Programmer and Engineer or System Engineer.

Faculty students take a deep insight into programming technologies and languages (Pascal, C/C++, Assembler, C#, Java, .NET etc.), database control systems (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.), web-technologies (HTML, CSS, XML, PHP etc.), methodology of programming project control, technologies of software development and testing, architecture of computer machines and systems, software and hardware support in computer networks, and a wide range of other special disciplines.

The faculty provides all facilities for a profound theoretical and practical training. 10 joint laboratories, created in consort with Belarusian leading IT-companies and banking enterprises: IBA, EPAM, Itransition, EffectiveSoft, ScienceSoft, Priorbank and Exadel.

The Faculty's departments established close business relationship with universities in Russia, USA, Western Europe and Australia.

The faculty has 4 education centres run by world leading IT companies: SAP regional academic centre, IBM competence academic centre, National Instruments training centre and a branch of Cisco network academy. Students are welcomed to undergo certified IT courses in these centres and become highly sought-after specialists.

Our education strategy is focused on international training programmes and international student exchange. Students actively participate in the programmes of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE). In 2011 our students underwent trainings in IT companies and universities in Austria, Spain, Turkey, Italy and Germany.

The faculty is a constant participant of various international olympiads and contests, such as Imagine Cup, ACM ICPC, TopCoder, and an organizer of a number of university and national competitions. The faculty is the host of the annual BSUIR programming championship. The year 2011 saw the first open championship with participants from Minsk, Brest, Mogilev, Mozyr, Svetlogorsk and Grodno.

The faculty has a Training Centre preparing students to participate in international competitions in programming. BSUIR programming team represented the university in quarter-finals and semi-finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, and in 2011 year the faculty team was the finalist of this contest.

A lot of emphasis is put on student scientific research which allows students to solidify their theoretical knowledge through practice and provides experience of participation in different project. Guided by lecturers, our students are engaged in advanced research in information technologies, develop hardware and software for various purposes, such as computer pattern recognition, computer simulation etc. The students of our faculty were directly engaged in the development of Belarusian neural supercomputer, the first computer of such kind in Belarus. Our students are regularly awarded at various exhibitions, contests and international conferences. At the International Academic and Research Conference "5th Masherov Readings 2011" the 1st Prize was awarded to a student of our faculty.

Self-administration is well developed at our Faculty. Student Council's work cover all students' activities: from skills development and creativity to scientific research. Student Council is successful in cooperating with other universities, volunteer movement, maintaining contacts with graduates, which allows to implement actual and sought-after projects. The council boasts its successful projects: "Student teaching student" and "Programmer's school". Due to the swift activities of the University press-centre, the students receive the latest news about faculty life at the faculty web-page.

Our graduates are highly sought after as programmers, business analysts, system architects, project managers, software testers by Belarusian companies and Hi-Tech Park residents, and foreign IT companies such as Microsoft and Google. Many graduates are successful in founding their own businesses.

The Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks - is intellect, self-assurance and success.
When choosing our faculty you are realizing your dream!