Faculties & Chairs

Dmitry Likhachevsky

Dean: Dmitry Likhacheuski   


E-mail: likhachevskyd@bsuir.by

Faculty of Computer-Aided Design

Academic departments:

·Engineering Graphics

·Foreign Languages No. 1

·Human Engineering and Ergonomics

·Electronic Technology and Engineering

·Information and Computer-Aided Systems Design


The Faculty of Computer-Aided Design was opened in 1973. It is one of the most innovative and dynamically developing faculties in BSUIR. Faculty training facilities are based on international educational, scientific and production centres and laboratories, equipped with high-end hardware and software, as follows: Android Software Centre Read more – an international educational and scientific centre created in association with FORTE Knowledge company, Illinois Technology Association (ITA) and leading IT experts from the USA; an educational and research centre INTES established by an innovative company INTES with the support of foreign companies Schneider Electric (France) and CISCO (USA); a joint educational and scientific laboratory Integrated Mobile Systems established by an innovative company AXONIM Devices (a partner of Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and ST Microelectronics).

Leonid Shylin

Dean: Leonid Shylin

Dr.Sc., Professor

E-mail: dekfitu@bsuir.by

Faculty of Information Technologies and Control

Academic departments:


·Control Systems

·Fundamental Electrical Engineering

·Intellectual Information Technologies

·Computational Methods and Programming

·Information Technologies in Automated Systems


The Faculty of Information Technologies and Control is the coeval of the University. Nowadays the Faculty is a large educational and scientific centre with more than 1,700 students. Our academic staff regularly keeps its experience up-to-date in the leading universities of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Austria and Poland. Read more Moreover, Faculty scientists have strong business relations with the universities of the USA, Germany, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands and France. The Faculty maintains close partnerships with world leading manufacturers of computers & control systems, such as IBM, Siemens, Philips, Intel, Motorola, Omron IBM, IBА, EPAM Systems, Itransition, TopSoft, Galaktika Corp., and etc.

Alexander Korotkevich

Dean: Alexander Korotkevich

PhD, Associate Professor

E-mail: korotkevich@bsuir.by

Faculty of Radioengineering and Electronics

Academic departments:


·Micro- and Nanoelectronics

·Information Radiotechnologies


The Faculty of Radioengineering and Electronics has a rich history. It was founded in 1964 as a part of Minsk Radio Engineering Institute. The achievements of the Faculty’s scientists are recognised all over the world. Their research outcomes are used in spacecraft and missiles, radiolocation systems, advanced micro- and nanoelectronics. Faculty`s textbooks, tutorials and monographs are published both in Belarus and abroad. At this Faculty you will get an education that will make you a unique expert  Read more in the field of radio information systems, micro- and nanoelectronic technologies and systems, and that will give you an opportunity to realise yourself in full in the society of the XXI century.


Dean: Marina Lukashevich

PhD, Associate Professor

E-mail: lukashevich@bsuir.by

Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks

Academic departments:



·Computer Science

·Higher Mathematics

·Electronic Computing Facilities

·Electronic Computing Machines

·Software for Information Technologies


The Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks originates from one of the first faculties of Minsk Radio Engineering Institute – the Faculty of Automatics and Calculating Machines. Today it’s one of the leading Belarusian faculties, which trains IT professionals. Read more Thirteen joint laboratories and certified education centres support teaching process and hold additional IT courses. In 2012, the IBM Academic Centre of Competence based on the joint BSUIR-IBA laboratory was awarded a prestigious prize under the IBM Faculty Awards programme. Other certified centres include SAP Academic Competence Centre, National Instruments Training Centre, CUDA Training Centre and Cisco Network Academy. Faculty students take a deep insight into programming technologies and languages (Pascal, C/C++, Assembler, C#, Java, .NET etc.), database control systems (MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.), web-technologies (HTML, CSS, XML, PHP etc.), technologies of software development and QA, software and hardware support of computer networks, etc.

Siarhei Drobat

Dean: Siarhei Drobat

PhD, Associate Professor

E-mail: dekftk@bsuir.by

Faculty of Infocommunications

Academic departments:

·Information Security

·Infocommunication Technologies 

·Physical Training

The Faculty of Infocommunications is a wonderful opportunity for those who are eager to get experience in modern electronics and computer science, to master modern information technologies in telecommunications and become a highly sought-after professional. This Faculty was the 1st in Belarus to introduce English-medium degree programmes in the telecommunications sphere in 2009 and is still keeping the leading position today. Read more Faculty students take a deep insight into mathematical and physical bases of telecommunication technologies, and develop their skills of designing, programming and implementing innovative technologies. The expertise gained during studies helps graduates to quickly adapt to the requirements of the up-to-date telecommunication field.

Ludmila Knyazeva

Dean: Ludmila Knyazeva  

PhD, Associate Professor

E-mail: knyazeva@bsuir.by

Faculty of Engineering and Economics

Academic departments:



·Economic Informatics

·Foreign Languages No. 2

The Faculty of Engineering and Economics is a unique faculty in Belarus: it provides its students with integrated knowledge in the fields of economics and modern information technologies, and this creates a distinguished feature of the Faculty graduates among graduates of economic faculties of other Higher Educational Institutions. The Faculty is proud of one of its graduates,  Dmitry Shedko, Deputy Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus.

Head: Yuri Kuleshov

PhD, Professor

E-mail: Yu.Kuleshov@bsuir.by

Military Faculty

Academic departments:


·Tactical and General Military Training

·Radio-Electronic Engineering for Air Force and Air Defence Troops


The Military Faculty trains regular officers on demand of state military bodies of Belarus. It also trains military students of foreign countries. Also, the Faculty offers the University students an opportunity to gain a military profession of a Junior Leader or Reserve Officer in addition to their full-time studies at the other University faculties. The teaching process is supported by regular officers with vast experience of service in command and in engineering in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. Specialised classrooms of the Military Faculty are equipped with state-of-the-art military hardware and software.








Dean:  Igor Tsyrelchuk

PhD, Associate Professor

E-mail: Tsyrelchuk@bsuir.by

Faculty of Innovative Lifelong Learning 

Faculty of Innovative Lifelong Learning was established on September 01, 2017. It was formed out of Faculty of Extra-Mural Training and Faculty of Lifelong and E-Learning Training.

The core principle of the Faculty is ‘Knowledge must be delivered to a person’. The efficiency of the distance training is guaranteed by the SharePointLMS Distance Training System based on the Microsoft Office Share Point Server with the Microsoft Lync Server-based videoconferencing system integrated into it and high-quality Cisco TelePresence Videoconferencing System.

With this system students are free to choose the academic disciplines, as well as the place and time to study. It also supports the effective tutor-student interaction via Internet and utilises interactive training methods assisted by video content. The Faculty possesses unique experience in educating disabled students.

Vasily Bondarik

Dean: Vasily Bondarik


E-mail: bondarik@bsuir.by

Faculty of Pre-University Preparation and Occupational Guidance

Academic departments:

·General Subjects


The Faculty of Pre-University Preparation and Occupational Guidance was founded in April 1970 in order to provide Foundation Year courses for the prospective University students. Nowadays, the Faculty offers two programmes: preparatory courses for Belarusian applicants (part-time or evening training in Russian) and Foundation Year courses for foreigners (full-time or distance training in Russian or English). Apart from that, the Faculty provides Russian and English-medium course for foreigners, who intend to apply for medical studies. 

Besides, the Faculty staff teaches the Belarusian Professional Language course to Belarusian students and a course of Russian as a Foreign Language to foreign students.

Institute of Information Technologies

Faculty of Computer Technologies

Academic departments:

·Information Systems and Technologies

·Industrial Electronics

·Physical and Mathematical Disciplines

Faculty of Professional Development and Retraining

Academic departments:

·Microprocessor Systems and Networks

Institute of Information Technologies is committed to provide excellent supplementary education opportunities to nationals and foreigners. It offers retraining and professional development courses, as well as training of blue-collar personnel.